Regular tour bus
Multilingual automatic audio guide that supports 8 different languages


  • (1) The tour closing time may be delayed depending on traffic conditions. For those flying, please arrive approximately 2 hours prior to boarding. Please note that we shall not be responsible for any missed flights.
  • (2) Those using a wheelchair or electric chair must accompany an attendant. Please let us know when making a reservation (e.g. 1 passenger with a wheelchair, 2 passengers with an electric chair, etc.)
  • (3) Cancellation of optional tour: Please note that optional tours may be cancelled due to weather or other conditions conducive to the discontinuation of tours.
  • (4) Disclaimer: We shall not be held responsible for the following cases: accident or plague at tour locations, acts against public order and morals, and damage caused by factors to which we shall not be liable.
  • (5) All courses come with a guide (no attendant) *Guide will be provided in Japanese.
  • (6) Regular tour bus fees must be paid using a credit card.
  • (7) Cancellation policy (the following cancellation fees apply depending on the date of cancellation)
    - Between 00:00 and 23:59 (local time) of the day before the tour day: 40% of the total tour fee
    - After 23:59 (local time) of the day before the tour day: 100% of the total tour fee
  • (8) Please note that the destination arrival time may be subject to change due to traffic conditions.
  • (9) Tour schedule may be subject to change or cancellation depending on weather, traffic and other conditions.