Kouri Island/Nakijin Castle/Churaumi course

Spot introduction

Kouri Beach(Tour Time About 40minutes)

Kouri Beach(Tour Time About 40minutes)

he beach at the foot of a Kouri Bridge.
You can enjoy the beach walk and shopping at Local specialty shop.

Nakinjin Castle Remains(Tour Time About 70minutes)

Nakinjin Castle Remains
(Tour Time About 70minutes)

This historical Gusuku (castle) is located on the Motobu peninsula in the northern region of mainland Okinawa. Located at about 100 meters above the sea level, it served as the governing body of the northern region during the Three Kingdoms (Northern, Central and Southern) period, prior to the unification of the Ryukyu Kingdom.

3Hotel Orion Motobu Resort & Spa(Tour Time About 50minutes)

Hotel Orion Motobu Resort & Spa(Tour Time About 50minutes)

It`s a buffet restaurant where the chef of Japanese food.western food and Chinese food cook Various dishes using Okinawan ingredients.

Ocean Expo Park (Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium Tour Time About 130minutes)

Ocean Expo Park (Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium Tour Time About 130minutes)

A spot where you can enjoy watching dolphins and sea turtles. The magnificent sea world of Okinawa filled with mysteries spreads out.

Ocean Expo Park Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium


*There is a small gift for those who made a reservation via official website.
*Hotel pick-up service (for designated hotels)
*Seat reservation service available

Course detail

Course nameKouri Island/Nakijin Castle/Churaumi course
FeeAdult: 7,000 yen Child (6 – 11 years old): 3,500 yen (with buffet lunch)
DurationApproximately 9 hours
Meeting placeRegular Tour Office *Refer to the bus stop map
DismissalAt around 18:00
Location of dismissalRegular Tour Office
Itinerary8:30 Departure from Regular Tour Office via Kokusai Dori
10:30 Kouri Beach
     Warumi Ohashi Bridge (car window sightseeing) (free sightseeing 40 min)
11:30 Nakijin Castle (sightseeing 70 min) Entrance fee Adult: 400 yen Child: 300 yen
12:50 Hotel Orion Motobu Resort & Spa
     Ocean Expo Park/Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium (180 min including sightseeing and lunch)
18:00 Arrival at Regular Tour Office

*You can get off the bus at Kokusai Dori after the tour.

Cancellation fee

Cancellation fees apply to cancellations requested on the day before the tour date and onward.
No cancellation fees for 2 days prior to the tour date, 40% of the total fee for 1 day prior to the tour date, 100% for cancelling on the day of the tour date

Course map

Kouri Island/Nakijin Castle/Churaumi course