Shuri Castle/Okinawa World course


*There is a small gift for those who made a reservation via official website.
*Hotel pick-up service (for designated hotels)
*Seat reservation service available

Course detail

Course nameShuri Castle/Okinawa World course
FeeAdult: 5,500 yen Child (6 – 11 years old): 3,000 yen (with buffet lunch)
DurationApproximately 7 hours
Meeting placeRegular Tour Office *Refer to the bus stop map
DismissalAt around 16:00
Location of dismissalRegular Tour Office
Itinerary09:00 Departure from Regular Tour Office via Kokusai Dori
09:30 Shuri Castle Park *Shuri Castle Park: Shureimon, Sonohyan-utaki and Kankaimon (sightseeing 30 min) 
10:30 Okinawa World (150 min including sightseeing and lunch)
13:20 Cornerstone of Peace (sightseeing 30 min)
14:00 Himeyuri Peace Museum (sightseeing 40 min)
14:50 Itoman Roadside Station (sightseeing 30 min)
16:00 Arrival at Regular Tour Office via Naha Airport

*With the partial public opening of Shurijo Castle Park, the schedule is subject to change starting from December 9, 2019.
*Convenient for accessing the airport.

Cancellation fee

Cancellation fees apply to cancellations requested on the day before the tour date and onward.
No cancellation fees for 2 days prior to the tour date, 40% of the total fee for 1 day prior to the tour date, 100% for cancelling on the day of the tour date

Course map

Shuri Castle/Okinawa World course